Epoxy Flooring In Garages

What would it look like to have epoxy flooring in your garage?

I know that’s what you’ve been thinking. Honestly, I could sit here, and try to write hundreds of words to describe the beauty of epoxy floors. Or, We can just look through some of our gallery images. Like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

You can go for a straight solid epoxy color.  There are many solid colors to choose from.

Or you can have them add a bit of fire to your floor!  Maybe something like a lava pattern running through your room?  

This is the magic in a bucket being swirled around.  Blue Metallic is gorgeous in a room with good lighting.  Because epoxy is so shiny, it can actually brighten a room without extra lighting.

Another epoxy flooring in a garage, solid black.  Looks sharp, and classy.

What does your garage look like now?

Is it plain cracked grey concrete? Honestly, if the concrete is cracked, it’s letting water in there. The water will expand and contract, causing more cracking over time. You really need those cracks filled, and leveled by a professional.

Then you need a nice, unique epoxy finish to seal the floor from all water.

Epoxy flooring is also extremly durable. It’s beautiful design options and super durability make it an excellent choice for a garage floor.

There’s a way to enhance and personalize the floor even more. Owners have placed small objects under the epoxy, locking it in as part of the design. Objects like coins, small pictures, tiny seashells, etc.


Garage floors with epoxy coatings and designs look fabulous. Who’s trying to kid who? They’re beautiful, those one of a kind swirls, and the metallics are off the charts! The combination of beauty, uniquness, and durability make epoxy flooring in your garage the right choice.

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