What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Well, it seems like some people confuse garage epoxy flooring as a more durable paint. This is absolutely not the case. You can find this type of “Garage Floor Paint” at your local hardware store. The kit is most probably a latex acrylic paint product, with some epoxy in it. This so called “Garage Floor Paint” is a 1-part epoxy paint. It will last maybe 1-2 years, depending on traffic.


Real garage floor paint is called “Epoxy Flooring”, which is a two part system. One part is the epoxy resin. The other part is a polymine hardener. Temperature can effect the set up time once the two mix, and is ready to pour.


But the real determining factor is that “Epoxy Flooring” must be at least 2 millimeters thick.  Anything less that that is just a painted coating, not “Flooring”.



How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Take To Dry?

Two part epoxy flooring doesn’t dry, it cures. The curing process happens after application, and takes a few days. To cure the epoxy faster, heat is applied. For every 10 degrees Celsius rise in temperature, the curing time is cut in half.

This curing process makes the epoxy hard, durable, and a beautiful floor that will last upwards of 20 years, depending on installation. Epoxy flooring is resistant to staining, chipping, scratches, and chemicals.

On the other hand, the so called “garage floor paint” takes only hours to dry. This is how you know it’s not real “Epoxy Flooring”.

What Are The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring?

Durability and Toughness

  • Durability and toughness is the nature of epoxy flooring. It can take a real beating for up to 20 years. This makes it a great choice for garage floors where you need resistance to stains, scratches, and chemicals.

Low Maintenance

  • Cleaning of the flooring is only required once a week or so with a dry mop to remove any dust or dirt from the surface. This is to be followed by heavier cleaning once every few months with a simple mixture of hot water and ammonia.

Beautiful In Any Room

  • Epoxy floors give you a unique look no other product can match. As the garage becomes more of an extension of the home, people have a great option with epoxy flooring.

How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

As mentioned above, Epoxy Flooring can last upwards of 20 years. This depends on a few factors. The first is traffic, and what type of traffic. Heavy machinery rolling across the floor vs people walking with non-marking soles. It makes a difference.

Then there is the original prep work and installation. If the preparation work isn’t done properly, when it comes time for the epoxy, it may not goes as well. Preparation is the key to epoxy flooring.

When it comes to this level of work, it’s best to involve professionals. They are going to fill all the cracks, fix and patch all broken concrete, and level the entire floor. When all is said and done, the floor will be ready for whatever designs you and the installers have discussed.

How Much Does It Cost For Epoxy Flooring?

Professional epoxy flooring installation can cost anywhere from $3-$12 a square foot, including labor and materials. Why is it so expensive? Well, you get what you pay for.

Commercial epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to most hazards, including cleaners, gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, and even most industrial chemicals. Epoxy flooring is also water-resistant and heat-resistant.

In addition to low maintenance, epoxy flooring will last for years, making your investment a wise choice.

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