PURPOLISHING is a complete prep to polish flooring system for concrete, terrazzo and natural stone. It is one of, if not the most “user-friendly” flooring systems with an impressive success rate with proven sustainability. With the tooling having the ability to adapt to all floor grinders and polishers, paired with PURPOLISHING’s tri-bond patented technology, we are able to provide a product that is versatile and reliable on all projects.


PP4-KUT is a water based grinding agent, used for the initial cut on hard, dense concrete and helps with exposing large aggregate faster than dry or wet methods alone. Suspends concrete solids away from the surface for diamond tools to achieve maximum efficiency which reduces the project timeline, reduces labor costs, and extends the life of the diamond tooling. Providing extreme stock removal of all irregularities and leaving you fundamentally with a scratch free surface.


A specially formulated version (3 densifiers in one product) Hybrid Silicate Densifier improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. By having 3 different size molecule silicates this product fully penetrates varying densities of concrete regardless of region or hardness. This improves the abrasion resistance for new or aged concrete. PP4-DENSIFIER is ideal for use for exposed and polished concrete, as well as cements with integral color.


PP4-GUARD+ is a breathable semi-penetrating/semi-topical sealer that helps to protect surfaces against stains and etching. PP4-Guard+ creates a water-resistant barrier that prevents liquids from infiltrating the surface, protecting against staining and color dispersion. Specially formulated for PURPOLISHING, it now has better abrasion and chemical resistance, but maintains the same easy application methods you’ve become accustomed to using.


PP4-Floor Cleaner was designed to remove daily debris from hard surfaces while extending the life of the PP4-Guard+ on polished concrete. Common industrial center spills can be cleaned with PP4-Floor Cleaner. Common industrial center spills include, but are not limited to; dirt and debris, non damaging hydraulic fluids, non damaging oils, and automotive fluids. PP4-Floor Cleaner does not ensure the complete clean up nor preventative cleaning of damaging chemical agents that can permanently damage the floors surface. These chemicals include but are not limited to; brake cleaners, acidic based fluids, etching or damaging fluids i.e. battery acid, acetone, and paint thinners. Spills must be cleaned up immediately and within 20 minutes.