PE-100 VRM-EXT Vapor reduction membrane extreme


PE-100 VRM is a 100% solid, two component epoxy coating, designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate on deteriorated or new floors. PE-100 VRM meets ASTM F3010 product requirements for vapor permeance when applied at a thickness of 18 mils. The coating will control moisture vapor emission rates up to 25 lb. /24 hr. /1000 square feet. PE-100 VRM provides excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical resistance. PE-100 VRM meets all kinds of requirements such as durability, performance as well as aesthetics.

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  • Contains no solvent with a very low VOC content, allowing for interior applications without harmful odors
  • Exceeds ASTM F3010 standard
  • Impermeable and seamless
  • Seamless coves can be shaped using ECTR-COVE
  • Dense surface resistant to bacteria and moisture and easy to clean
  • Excellent adhesive properties, allowing for application on a wide variety of substrates
  • May apply several layers on itself with excellent adhesion


  • Aircraft hangers
  • Assembly areas
  • Classrooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Areas of light manufacturing
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Walkways

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)


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