27″ Beta




The BETA 27” Grinder is ideal for both opened AND confined spaces. Built for low maintenance, the BETA’s sleek, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced. Equipped with a durable, floating stainless dust shroud, and 3 flexible grinding heads. The locking adjustment handle means no pins to lose. The BETA is operator friendly due to the touch screen control panel, built in tool box with tool kit, and 2 USB charging ports. Connects to Vac 3 for dustless operation.

Working Width: 27″

Heads: 3

Volts: 220

Horse Power: 10

Water Tank: 7 Gallons

Inverter: 300-1800 RPM

Phase: 1 or 3

Weight: 720 lbs.

Grinding Pressure: 523 lbs.

Amp Max: 45

BETA 27” Grinder Manual

Operational Video


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