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Epoxy Flooring In Garages, Bedrooms, Hallways, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Patios, Walk-ways, and More!

Food Service & Preparation
Parking Decks
Stadium Flooring

Aviation Hangers
Fire Stations
Shop Floors

Concrete Floor Coatings

Animal Facilities

Why Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy flooring is a great option over traditional boring flooring. (Ha, that rhymes).  Installed epoxy has a truly unique design, one of a kind on each floor.  Besides the unique beauty of an epoxy floor, there’s the durability to consider.  Epoxy floors

are extrmely durable, and stain resistant.  Epoxy flooring is also waterproof.  This makes it mold, bacteria, and fungus resistant.  Due to it’s nature, it’s also a breeze to clean up.  Give us a call for a free estimate!  (808) 868-9196

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We Proudly Sell PurEpoxy Products

PurEpoxy-Hawaii proudly uses PurEpoxy products. PurEpoxy provides professional-grade, floor-coating products. Our easy-to-use products facilitate floor-coating and restoration and deliver professional results. We continuously improve our products by offering the highest quality floor coatings at a very competitive prices and fast turnaround time to respond to the different demands of the industry. PurEpoxy polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coating systems offer consistency while providing owners with long-lasting durable finishes.


Just read what our customers are saying about us.  But the most flattering compliment for us would be a referral for our business, so we can spread the love.  Thank you!

Jesse Quick

There is no reason not to check out Maui Hardscapes, even if you are not sure you want the work done. I love my new flooring.

John Balaro

I knew the floors would be nice but these guys blew our socks off. The project was done much faster than we expected, and all of the staff was extremely polite and professional. It’s rare for a guest to not comment on our beautiful floor.

Donny Kim

Best specialty concrete business on Maui.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated business, looking to spread “Aloha” everywhere.  Our business is repairing, sealing, and epoxying your concrete floors.  Why epoxy your floors?  Have a look through the images in our Gallery, and you’ll see how many different designs we can produce with epoxy.  The results are really

something you have to see.  They are beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art, right on your floor.  Besides beautifying your floors, they make clean up a breeze.  Epoxy floors are completely water-resistant making them so easy to clean.  Please take a look at our videos in the Gallery.  There you’ll witness how the magic happens.  Aloha!

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PurEpoxy is a leading North American manufacturer of high-quality liquid polymer products for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our products are used to make decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds, chips and quartz floor systems.

PurEpoxy products are also competitively priced – so you get both high quality and cost-effectiveness. Plus, our experienced team of experts is on hand to answer your questions and provide assistance.

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